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It’s the end of an era in Japanese food service because Anna Miller’s – a restaurant chain known for its unique uniforms, American-style cuisine, and specialty pies and that was often parodied in anime – will be closing its last store in Japan on August 31, 2022.


The final location – the Takanaka store across from Shinagawa Station in Minato City, Tokyo, Japan – is closing its doors in conjuction with a plan by Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to redevelop the west exit of Shinagawa Station. According to the holding company Imuraya Co., Ltd., the owners of the Anna Miller’s chain, there are currently no plans to open another store in Japan, although there are plans in-development to continue selling Anna Miller’s products online.


Anna Miller’s opened its first restaurant in Minami-Aoyama, Minato City, Tokyo, Japan in 1973, and the chain eventually expanded to include 25 locations in total. The Takanawa store was opened in 1983, and it will continue to serve customers until its closing day on August 31st.


Source: Official press release via Otakomu


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