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In a bid to appeal to those outside the usual anime merch buyer and playing up the family household aspect at the same time, the ShoPro Mall online store in Japan has released a new line of flower scent diffusers unique to the main characters in SPY x FAMILY. Each diffuser is being sold for ¥3850 and features scents based on each character’s personality.



The Loid Forger version features the scent of the green dahlia flower with the English words for “Dignity” and “Elegance” spelled on the attached tag in printed script with a green ribbon wrapped around the base, the Yor Forger version features the scent of the red rose with the English words  for “Love” and “Beauty” on the tag with a red ribbon wrapped around the base, and the Anya version features the scent of the yellow anemone flower with the English words for “Honest” and “Innocence” on the tag with a yellow ribbon wrapped around the base. All are on sale now while supplies last, with a second production run being planned.



SOURCES: Comic Natalie, ShoPro Mall Official Site


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