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Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs has revealed details of National Museum of Nature and Science‘s forthcoming special collaboration event with the Dr.STONE anime franchise. The event entitled “The Science World Toured with Dr.STONE” is scheduled to be held from June 21 to September 4, 2022.



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The event, which aims to convey a deeper interest in science to the younger generation who became interested in science as a result of Dr.STONE consists of four collaborative projects.



(1) Mini-Exhibition


 A mini exhibition will be held to explain the world of the first two season of the TV anime Dr. STONE from a scientific point of view. The science craft by of the protagonist, Senku Isshigami, and his friends in the Kingdom of Science will be explained in an easy-to-understand manner through specimens and materials from the Museum’s collection of natural history and the history of science and technology. 


For example, in connection with the scene at the beginning of the anime in which all humans are petrified by a mysterious beam of light, the process of fossilization will be explained scientifically. In addition, a replica of the fossil of Archaeopteryx will be exhibited. 





In connection with the scene of crafting a record player to listen to records made at the bottom of glass bottle, the scientific explanation of how records are recorded and played back will be explained. In addition, a German-made SP record player (manual portable phonograph) will be exhibited.





(2) Character Voice Guides for Permanent Exhibits


Yusuke Kobayashi (Senku Ishigami) and Kengo Kawanishi (Gen Asagiri) provide their character voicces for commentary on ten of The Museum’s permanent exhibits. The voices can be played back by scanning the dedicated QR code located in the museum with your smartphone.






(3) Explanatory panels with collaborative visuals for permanent exhibits  


Explanatory panels with collaborative visuals will be specially installed in five permanent exhibits as an introduction to recommended exhibits of The museum.


(4) National Museum of Nature and Science x Dr.STONE collaboration goods (from July 3)  


Original goods using collaboration visuals created exclusively for this project. Goods such as posters of the periodic table of elements and crystal growing kits will be sold.






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Source: Agency for Cultural Affairs press release


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