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Speak of the devil and all seven shall appear! The official Twitter account for romance simulation game Obey Me! today announced that a sequel to its anime adaptation is coming this July, unveiling a piece of key art that promises another fun-filled season.



Additional details about the sequel, such as staff and streaming, are yet to be confirmed.



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Based on the mobile game developed by NTT Solmare, the Obey Me! anime’s first season was produced by studio Colored Pencil Animation Japan and ran for 12 episodes, starring these main cast members:


  • Kazuya Yamashita as Lucifer
  • Hirotaka Kobayashi as Mammon
  • Satoshi Kada as Leviathan
  • Shinya Sumi as Satan
  • Miura Ayme as Asmodeus
  • Kyohei Yaguchi as Beelzebub
  • Satoshi Onishi as Belphegor


If you’re a fan of pretty boy mischief, check out the full first season of Obey Me! with English subs, right here on Crunchyroll!


Lucifer, Satan, and the other five princes of hell are students at the Royal Academy of Diavolo, where they train to rule the Demon World. From following humans to falling in love, their individual quirks land them in interesting situations every single day! Will their antics get them expelled, or will one of these infamous brothers come out on top?


Source: Obey Me! official Twitter account



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