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An adorable new preview video and the Japanese broadcast details have been revealed for iii icecrin 2 (the ‘2’ is pronounced as ‘double’ in English), the upcoming second season of the children’s anime based on the 15 popular flavors of the Blue Seal Ice Cream brand.



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Featuring characters based on the 15 flavors of ice cream from the Blue Seal Ice Cream brand, iii icecrin 2 is set in Ice Cream Town, where lots and lots of ice cream animals make friends and have fun together. Have an ice day!


A key visual for iii icecrin 2, an upcoming sequel series to the iii icecrins TV anime, featuring the main cast of ice cream animals living, working, and playing together.


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iii icecrin 2 is directed by Jyuria Matsumura and features animation production by Shin-Ei Animation / TIA. The series will broadcast in Japan on TV Tokyo on Saturdays during the 7:00 time slot as part of the “Eeny Meeny Miny Moe” programming block beginning on July 02, 2022.


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