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Konami Digital Entertainment and Straight Edge Inc.’s SHINE POST multimedia project today added another three cast members to two of its idol units, the Yurayura Sisters and FFF (pronounced “fly”). The new additions are as follows (character romanizations not confirmed):


Aoi Koga (Kaguya in Kaguya-sama: Love is War)

as Natalya of the YuraYura Sisters

SHINE POST Natalia character visual


Hina Kino (Fa in RPG Real Estate)

as Hinatsu Yomoto of FFF

SHINE POST Hinatsu Yomoto character visual


Ai Fairouz (Jolyne in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean)

as Tsugumi Nashiki of FFF

SHINE POST Tsugumi Nashiki character visual



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SHINE POST will primarily follow TINGS, an aspiring idol unit that has big dreams despite producing small results. They seek the “best manager in the world” to help them break out of their slump, but the man that they hired — Naose Hinaki — is completely unmotivated. However, Naose may just have a hidden talent that will help TINGS to succeed…


Trailer 1



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The anime series is being directed by Kei Oikawa (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU) at Studio KAI (Super Cub) for a Summer 2022 broadcast, with series composition by SPP and Buriki’s (Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea) original character designs adapted for animation by Yoshihiro Osada (Charlotte key animator).


Source: Comic Natalie



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