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Animation studios CloverWorks and WIT Studio, publisher Shueisha and Sony media subsidiary Aniplex today announced the establishment of a new company called JOEN for “planning and producing animation works including TV series, feature films, and short clips.” An official website was opened with Japanese and English versions, detailing the company’s purpose, representatives, logo and name.


The name “JOEN” is taken from three different Japanese words with that reading: 助演 (a supporting role). 助円 (aiding smooth facilitation) and 助縁 (support through connection), while the three lines emphasizing “join” in the logo are inspired by the legend of the Three Arrows, a Japanese symbol of unity and teamwork.


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By bringing the four companies closer together, JOEN states it seeks to establish a better framework and creative environment for the industry that will ensure quality is maintained while the people involved are prioritized across all levels of production, including directing profits back to them.


According to the statement on the JOEN website, this will involve collaborating with various studios, producers and creators to “match the best production lines and creators to each project,” rather than moving all processes through just one company.


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SPY x FAMILY producers Yuichi Fukushima (CloverWorks) and Tetsuya Nakatake (WIT Studio) are labeled as representatives of the new company, which is listed as having 100,000,000 yen (US$785,000) in capital.


Source: JOEN official website (EN), Comic Natalie



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