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Earlier this month, we reported on the upcoming NIGHT HEAD 2041 -THE STAGE-: a stage play based on the anime NIGHT HEAD 2041, itself based on George Iida‘s 1992 paranormal TV drama NIGHT HEAD. Today, we get our first look at the stars of the upcoming production in full costume.


The four leads are double-cast, with Team Black and Team White taking turns in the show’s main roles. Take a look at them together in the play’s new key visuals:


NIGHT HEAD 2041 -THE STAGE- (Team Black)

NIGHT HEAD 2041 -THE STAGE- (Team White)


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Solo shots of each cast member are also available to enjoy, starting with the two lead pairs of siblings: Hiroki Ino and Akira Kagimoto (Lead) as Naoto Kirihara, Ryugi Yokota and Natsuki Osaki as Naoya Kirihara, Shunta Sono (M!LK) and Rui Kihara as Takuya Kuroki, and Hiroki Sana and Masaki Yabe (DISH//) as Yuya Kuroki.


Hiroki Ino

Akira Kagimoto

Ryugi Yokota

Natsuki Osaki

Shunta Sono

Rui Kihara

Hiroki Sana

Masaki Yabe


Joining them are Riko Nakayama (Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku) and Saki Kiyoi as Shoko Futami:


Riko Nakayama

Saki Kiyoi


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The rest of the cast also gets their moment in the spotlight:

  • Haruna Iikubo as Kimie Kobayashi.
  • Riko Sugahara as Reika Muto.
  • Kaiki Ohara as Michio Sonezaki.
  • Saki Tateno (Theatre Troupe 4 dollars 50 cents) as Yui Akiyama.
  • Takashi Sasaki as Daisuke Honda.
  • Ryunosuke Kawai as Kyojiro Mikuriya.
  • Hiro Yūmi as Akiko Okuhara.



And you can get a look at the leads in action in a new 45-second spot:



NIGHT HEAD 2041 -THE STAGE- will run July 1-10 at Tokyo’s Theatre G-Rosso.


© George Iida / NIGHT HEAD 2041 Production Committee

© “NIGHT HEAD 2041 -THE STAGE-” Production Committee


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