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The official YouTube channel for anisong singer Konomi Suzuki has started steaming a music video for “ULTRA FLASH,” the lead tack from her latest fifth album of the same name released today in Japan.The song was co-composed by herself and singer-songwriter Kayoko Kusano, who has collaborated with her since 2019 and is best known for her collaboration works with LiSA, including “Gurenge” (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba TV anime opening theme) .






In addition to six newly-recorded songs, the 13-song album also includes:


  • “Theater of Life” (17th single / DECA-DENCE opening theme)
  • “Realize” (18th single / Re:ZERO − Starting Life in Another World second season opening theme)
  • “Maioritekita Yuki” (19th single / Mr Love: Queen’s Choice ending theme)
  • “Bursty Greedy Spider” (20th single / So I’m a Spider, So What? second opening theme)
  • “Missing Promise” (21st single / Higurashi: When They Cry – Sotsu ending theme)
  • “Inochi no Tomoshibi” (22nd single / Deep Insanity THE LOST CHILD opening theme)
  • “Glorious Day” (PuraOre! Smile Princess theme song)
  • “PROUD STARS” (Shin Ikki Tousen theme song)
  • “Melodic Road Movie” (Isekai Quartet The Movie -Another World- theme song)



All-song preivew:



First press limited edition CD jacket:



Regular edition:




“Realize” MV



“Bursty Greedy Spider” MV:



“Missing Promise” MV:



“Inochi no Tomoshibi” MV:


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Source: Konomi Suzuki official website / KADOKAWA Anime YouTube channel


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