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Bandai Namco Filmworks announced today that theatrical screening of the 4K remaster edition of Gainax and Bandai’s first original anime feature film Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise will begin in Japan on October 28, 2022. A trailer that showcases the vivid images of the edition is now streamed on YouTube.





The 119-minute sci-fi fantasy film, written/directed by Hiroyuki Yamaga, was released in Japan on March 14, 1987, and the high quality of its drawing techniques was enthusiastically supported by anime fans around the world at the time, and is still highly acclaimed today. This 4K remaster edition will be released as the film’s 35th anniversary project. Under the supervision of director Yamaga, it will be scanned in 4K from the 35mm original master positive film and remastered in 4K to vividly reproduce the information contained in the film.


In addition to the theatrical screening, the 4K ULTRA HD Blu-ray will also be available. Its 15,000-yen special limited edition with a full storyboard book (430 pages) will be sold at the theaters to screen the 4K remaster edition in Japan from October 28, then on A-on STORE and EVANGELION STORE from November 4. Its regular edition will be available on regular stores from November 25.





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