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In just a couple of days, Tokyo Skytree will be getting the full JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure treatment. The collaboration was announced early last month as part of a citywide celebration in honor of the anime’s 10th anniversary. Just before opening day, they’ve revealed a look at what visitors can expect to see, buy, and eat when the Joestar line conquers the world’s tallest tower.


Mock-ups show a fully JoJo’d out interior from entrance to exit, including photo spots and galleries all throughout the tower:


Welcome area

JoJo x Tokyo Skytree displays

JoJo x Tokyo Skytree displays

Corridor displays

Round Theater


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Snap a selfie with some of these amazing decorations, or purchase a photo package to get a pic alongside  your favorite character. Alternately, you can put it on a Tokyo Skytree postcard featuring the event’s key art.


JoJo photo folderAvailable photo op characters

Photo postcard


While you’re there, you can snack on JoJo-themed treats — including “Ora Ora” omurice and an ice cream cake with Jolyne Cujoh’s distinctive hairstyle:


Ora Ora Omurice

Jolyne Cujoh ice cream cake


There’s also a selection of drinks inspired by the cast, as well as a Dio Brando latte. Order one up and receive a random coaster as a bonus:


JoJo drinks menu

You thought it was a latte, but it ws ME, DIO!!!!

JoJo coasters

JoJo Coasters


Naturally, there will be plenty of limited-edition goods to buy — including clear files, printed cookies, acrylic standees, several types of keyrings, and a shopping bag to put it all in:


Magic clearfiles

Printed cookies

Acrylic standees

Acrylic keyrings

Leather keyrings

Engraved metal keyrings

Shopping bag


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Finally, a look at Tokyo Skytree’s unique illumination patterns for the event — inspired by the six JoJos seen in the anime series so far:


JoJo x Tokyo Skytree lighting


JOJO TREE –JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure in Tokyo Skytree- runs May 10 to August 9, 2022.


© Hirohiko Araki & LUCKY LAND COMMUNICATIONS / Shueisha JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure THE ANIMATION PROJECT

© Tokyo Skytree


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