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Never fear, because the My Hero Academia baseball OVA will soon be here! Following the April Fools’ “joke” about the My Hero Academia Hero League Baseball, the official Twitter account and website revealed today that the superpowered baseball league is indeed real and will be featured in an OVA, with a second OVA also announced.


The “HLB” (Hero League Baseball) OVA, along with the second yet-to-be-detailed OVA, will be released in around ten Japanese theaters on Hero Day on June 16 until June 19 ahead of being released on streaming services in the country sometime this summer. An updated visual for the My Hero Academia baseball-themed OVA was released.


My Hero Academia Hero League Baseball OVa visual





The HLB OVA will see the hero teams of the Gang Orca Agency Orcas and the Shishido Agency Lionels tee off in the finals of the amateur baseball league the heroes have set up. To win, the two teams will have to recruit members from other teams and schools, including the previous teased Mt. Lady Agency Mountains, and the Fat Gum Agency Fats. Details on the second OVA will be announced at a later time.


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My Hero Academia is set to hold the My Hero Academia Ultra Event HERO FES. 2022 on July 24 in Japan to celebrate hero life in the series and premiere the first episode of the sixth season ahead of its planned Fall 2022 broadcast. All five seasons of the My Hero Academia TV anime series are streaming right here on Crunchyroll.


Source: My Hero Academia on Twitter


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