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Fandom-forward fashion brand SuperGroupies makes it their mission to offer one-of-a-kind character goods: stuff you can integrate into your wardrobe that looks good while also being recognizable to fellow fans. Their latest line is inspired by legendary sad-game-turned-sad-anime CLANNAD, and is modelled off heroine Nagisa Furukawa’s iconic school uniform.


At the forefront of the collection is a mechanical wristwatch (33,000 yen) bearing the insignia of Hikarizaka Private High School. The blue and gold color scheme with double red lines mimics the school’s winter uniform style. And on the back, the title of the series is emblazoned on a transparent backing. Both the front and back of the watch let you see the workings ticking over:



CLANNAD watch - front/side

CLANNAD watch - back


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The imagery carries over onto the lines’ other two unique items. The two-way bag (15,400 yen) can function either as a backpack or shoulder bag, and has plenty of space both inside and in its external pockets for all your daily needs.



CLANNAD bag - patch close-up

CLANNAD bag - backpack style

CLANNAD bag - shoulder bag style

CLANNAD bag - pockets


And the wallet (13,200 yen) is made to match, with plenty of zippered pockets for your cards and cash:


CLANNAD wallet

CLANNAD wallet - front

CLANNAD wallet - interior


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All three items are available for pre-order from SuperGroupies until May 16. Wallet orders will start shipping out in mid-August, with orders for bags and watches shipping out starting in mid-September.




Source: Anime! Anime!




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