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Ever wished you could stop by Café Poirot for a Case Closed-style cup of coffee? Japanese-Italian fusion eatery PRONTO will be offering the next best thing: a collab café with special menu items and gifts based on Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time.


The restaurant specializes in coffee drinks and pasta, and you’ll be able to get limited-time variants of both:


Detective Conan: Zero's Tea Time menu

On the drinks menu are Rei Furuya’s Pumpkin Tea Latte (a reference to an order in the original manga), Triple-Face Citrus Tea (a combo of lemon-flavored black jelly, grapefruit juice, and color-changing butterfly pea flower tea to symbolize Zero’s many identities), and Pet Dog Haro’s Vanilla Latte (inspired by Haro’s love of vanilla ice cream).


For food, there’s Zero’s Tea Time Naporitan (a yoshoku favorite featured in the manga), and Zero’s Tea Time Special Karasumi-Style Pasta with olive oil.


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Ordering off the menu will get you special bonuses, too: grab a drink and get a coaster, or order one of the two special pasta dishes and get a keychain:


Zero's Tea Time x PRONTO Collab Café coasters

PRONTO x Zero's Tea Time Collab Café Keyrings

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The collaboration is due to run until May 29 — though, even during its short run so far, it’s already running out of certain items due to high demand. Check out the campaign page for more details.


Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time is based on the manga of the same name, overseen by Case Closed creator Gosho Aoyama and written and illustrated by Takahiro Arai. It premiered in Japan last month, and will begin streaming worldwide on Netflix in July 2022.


© Takahiro Arai, Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan, “Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time” Production Committee


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