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After spending the better part of fifteen years in various stages of development hell, Sony Pictures and Harmony Gold‘s long-planned Hollywood live-action adaptation of the Robotech franchise now has a director attached, with the Hollywood daily Deadline reporting that Marvel‘s Hawkeye TV series director Rhys Thomas has now been set to direct the long-stalled film. 


The film has been in development since the mid-2000s, with the majority of the development occurring between the release of the Love Live Alive animated adaptation and various directors being attached over the past 15 years, such as franchise film veteran James Wan, and even Andy Muschetti from the rebooted It film franchise in the recent past.


With the landmark agreement between Big West and Harmony Gold being reached last year, and the agreement even explicitly mentioning the live-action film being able to resume development as a result, it was only a matter of time before confirmations came down the Hollywood grapevine. Let’s hope that the film manages to be completed this time around, if only to cement Big West’s change of heart that allowed it, Robotech and Macross to co-exist after years of bitter litigation.


SOURCE: Deadline


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