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Now that the symbol of hope has retired, the students at UA High need to build the next best thing, robot All Might! The newest visual for the upcoming My Hero Academia Ultra Event HERO FES. 2022 recreates the iconic illustration from chapter 321 of the original My Hero Academia manga with anime studio Bones reinterpreting it in the anime style. Also announced were the goods for the upcoming event based on the visual as well as a new logo.


My Hero Academia Ultra Event HERO FES. 2022


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My Hero Academia Ultra Event HERO FES. 2022


My Hero Academia Ultra Event HERO FES. 2022 is set to be held on July 24 at the Musashino Forest Sport Plaza with over 15 heroes (read: voice actors) from the series in attendance. At this time it is a fully in-person event with no online component. The event will also premiere the first episode of season six of My Hero Academia ahead of its Fall 2022 release.


Source: My Hero Academia on Twitter 


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