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Remember that time they did a kabuki staging of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind? It’s back — and it’s going to be part of this summer’s July Grand Kabuki performance.


The play debuted in Ginza in 2019, and went on to get a TV broadcast, home video release, and even briefly an online stream. The whole thing was performed in full traditional kabuki style — with bonus giant bugs, of course. If you’re curious what that looks like in action, here’s a clip from the original show. You’ll get to see both Lord Yupa in action, and a flashback to a tiny Nausicaä making friends with the Ohm:



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The play is also the first full adaptation of the original manga, covering material that wasn’t touched on even in the film.


Kikunosuke Onoe V will be appearing in the show once again. However, this time the kabuki actor — who originally took the lead as Nausicaä — will be playing the role of the antagonist Kushana, Princess of Torumekia. Yonekichi Nakamura V will take the lead this time.


Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind Volume 1 -The Battle of the White Witch- is listed as Part 3 of the July Grand Kabuki performance. The rest of the performances will be more traditional classic kabuki selections.


The July Grand Kabuki performance will be staged July 4-29 at Tokyo’s Kabuki-za Theatre.


Source: Comic Natalie