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Naruto x Jordan Zion 1 SP “Madara Six Paths”

After the previous social media teaser debuted on Twitter a couple nights ago,  the Naruto Shippuden-themed Jordan Zion 1 sneaker collection being endorsed by Zion Williamson as a tribute to his fandom for the anime series and its influence on his life has officially launched ahead of an expected release in the next few weeks. 


Naruto x Jordan Zion 1 SP “Madara Six Paths”


Naruto x Jordan Zion 1 SP “Kurama Rage”

Three distinct pairs will be offered by the Jordan brand, based on Naruto in his Six Paths Sage form, Six Paths Madara Uchiha, and Naruto in his Nine-Tailed Demon Fox Four Tails form round out the sneaker line, which will also include matched apparel. Pricing for the apparel will vary, while the sneakers will retail for $130 each pair and will be released in the next few weeks.