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Studio Colorido announced today that it will co-produce a total of three new anime feature films with Netflix, including Drifting Home to be streamed worldwide on September 16. This is the first time Netflix has worked with a Japanese domestic animation studio on a feature-length animation project over a multi-year period.


Koji Yamamoto, President of Studio Colorido, says, “Our goal is to make a film that is uniquely Colorido. We have been working hard and moving forward in our own way toward that goal. Until now, Japanese films have often been unable to go global, but now it is possible to send them out into the world in the form of Netflix films. Netflix connects Japanese films with users around the world.” 





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The project will include a new film by Tomotaka Shibayama, the director of the studio’s 2020 film, A Whisker Away. His new film will be streamed worldwide on Netflix in 2024. Information about the third film has not yet been disclosed.


Shibayama says, “The new work I am currently planning is a story about a little mysterious love story that takes place during one winter. I want to deliver a work that will be a cheering song for boys and girls, carefully depicting the extraordinary things that come suddenly in their daily lives and the emotional growth of the characters. We hope you will enjoy it.” 


An image board for Shibayama’s new film is also revealed.




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