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We’re about to blow our orange whistle and get the game started for Aoashi‘s English dub, but before we can kick off on April 23 at 2:00pm Pacific Time, we have to warm up by running down the draft picks:




  • Ciarán Strange (Richard in Requiem of the Rose King) as Ashito Aoi
  • Eric Vale (Trunks in Dragon Ball Z Kai) as Tatsuya Fukuda
  • Marisa Duran (Lou/Louise in SHADOWS HOUSE) as Hana Ichijo
  • Monica Rial (Bulma in Dragon Ball Z Kai) as Noriko Aoi
  • Blake McNamara (Seth Rich Cutter in Appare-Ranman!) as Shun Aoi

Additional episode 1 cast:

  • Greg Silva as Futamihama Coach
  • Kim Morton as Kogure
  • Meg McClain as Nanami
  • Kelsey Maher as Sawa
  • Jennifer Alyx as Female Assistant 1A
  • Aaron Campbell as Goalie’s Father
  • Nazeeh Tasha as Male Baishinji Player 1A, Male Spectator 1A
  • Ben Balmaceda as Male Baishinji Player 1B, Male Futamihama Player 1D
  • Alex Mai as Male Futamihama Player 1A, Male Spectator 1B
  • JR Joseph as Male Futamihama Player 1A
  • Paul Cline as Male Futamihama Player 1C, Male Underclassman 1A
  • Justin Green as Male Underclassman 1B
  • Jack Reeder as Male Baishinji Goalie 1A




  • ADR Director: Shawn Gann
  • Assistant ADR Directors: Emi Lo & Marcus Stimac
  • Lead ADR Engineer: Paul Cline
  • Assistant ADR Engineers: Ian Emerson & Noah Whitehead
  • ADR Script Writer: Leah Clark
  • ADR Script Supervisor: Bonny Clinkenbeard
  • ADR Prep: Ry McKeand
  • ADR Mix Engineer: Matt Grounds


Aoashi anime visual



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Based on the manga by Yugo Kobayashi, Aoashi is directed by Akira Sato (RELEASE THE SPYCE) at studio Production I.G, with series composition by Masahiro Yokotani (Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club) and character designs by Toshie Kawamura (B-PROJECT).


If you’re a fan of sports anime, don’t miss Episode 1 of Aoashi‘s English dub when it drops on April 23 at 2:00pm PT, right here on Crunchyroll!


 “I’ll take you to the world.” Ashito Aoi is a middle schooler who lives in Ehime, and the ace of an unremarkable soccer club. The day that they lost the final tournament of middle school, Ashito runs along the ocean in frustration, before running into a man who had been watching his game. That man is Tatsuya Fukuda, the coach of the high-school-aged Youth team of a leading J-League team, “Tokyo City Esperion FC.” After sensing immense potential in Ashito’s still-unrefined skills, he describes his ambition. “I want to build a team, and use it to take over the world. Our club isn’t going to be a milestone for players who take on the world. Our club is going to be the world. And to make this happen, I’m going to need some ‘aces’ to train.” After hearing Fukuda’s offer, Ashito decides to head to Tokyo and try out for his team── Aoashi is considered the cutting edge of soccer manga, and now it’s finally getting a TV anime adaptation! Loss, growth, and friendship: everything in youth is here!



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