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As the season continues to warm and our adventure traverses across new lands, we begin to gather a better view of where our journey has taken us. To that end, our team has looked for ways to improve our time together, and we are excited to finally announce our first steps in making Mitrasphere an even more exciting time for you.


To begin, we will be making changes to current events that are aimed towards making your time spent in Mitrasphere even more worthwhile. Below are some changes we will be experimenting with for the time being:


Grand Battle Restructuring:

  • Essence of Battle rates for Lv. 2, Lv. 3, and Lv. 4 increased significantly.
  • Lv. 1 and Lv. 2 of all Grand Battles to be condensed from 15 max completion rewards to 10. Total rewards to remain the same.
  • Redux Lv. 3 and Lv. 4 Grand Battles to be condensed from 10 max completion rewards to 5. Total rewards to remain the same.
  • Weekly Grand Battles Lv. 3 and Lv. 4 to drop two blue chests guaranteed.


Ancient Raid Improvements:

  • 1,000 Jade Seeds to be earned for each battle completed.
  • Baby Upa appearance rate increased.



Additionally, we will be making some changes to how core Gacha work. From now on, Encore banners will be removed and the Nekia Points threshold for Debut banners will be decreased from 8,000 to 6,000. We will also be adding and enhancing new Nekia Bundles.


New Nekia Bundles:

  • Weapon Enhancement Pack ($5.99, limited 1 per month)
    • 50 Paid Sea Crystals upon purchase.
    • 50,000 Crimson Seeds & 1 Large Crimson Gem per day for 7 days.
  • Essence of Battle Pack (($5.99, limited 1 per month)
    • 1 Book of Essence upon purchase.
    • 1 Book of Essence per day for 7 days.
  • 7 Days Pearls Pack Revamp
    • 10 of each Pearl a day for 7 days.
    • Removing free Sea Crystals.
  • Eneoil Pack Revamp



Lastly, we will be adding new value packs for all new accounts for a limited time to further aid new players in starting off.


  • Start Dash Gacha
    • Double 4-star rates. 1,500 NP on featured items, or use new purchasable Gacha Tickets to pull.
  • Discounted Armor Packs
    • Luxerion, Belles Fleurs, Wedding, Sky Pirate, and Seafoam Yukata armor packs available for only 100 Paid Sea Crystals each.
  • Legendary Boxes
    • Legendary Box (Weapon) and Legendary Box (Armor) available for 150 Paid Sea Crystals each.
  • Sea Crystal Pack Discounts
    • Available to all new users.


The Discounted Armor Packs and Legendary Boxes will also be available to existing players for a limited time.


We look forward to rolling out these changes on April 25th and will be closely monitoring their effect on the game. As mentioned, this is just our first step in a series of measures to make Mitrasphere an even better experience for all players. We hope you all enjoy what we have in store, and never hesitate to reach out with any feedback or to report issues.


See you in Moggos!


— Crunchyroll Games