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Along with a new key visual, the official website for Yama no Susume Next Summit / Encouragement of Climb Next Summit, the new season of the TV anime adaptation of Siro’s mountaineering-themed manga, announced today that it is set to premiere in October 2022.





It was also confirmed that Next Summit will be aired for 12 episodes as the anime franchise’s first 30-mintute series. The first season in 2013 was aired as a five-minute series, then the second season in 2014 and the third season in 2018 were aired as a 15-minute series. The first four episodes of Next Summit will be compilations from the episodes from the past series with newly-produced short stories, and all-new episodes will be available from its fifth episode.





In addition, it was announced that the “Yama no Susume Tankentai (Exploration Party)” program featuring Emiri Iwai, who plays Koharu, will be streamed on the KADOKAWA Anime Channel on YouTube. The program will visit places that appear in the anime series and other places related to it. In its first episode to be available in the middle of May, Yuko Gibu, who plays Hikari Onozuka, will be the guest and explore Hanno City in Saitama Prefecture.





Teaser PV:



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