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Dark Horse is getting ready to release the second omnibus book of Hideyuki Kikuchi’s Vampire Hunter D novel series—this time collecting volumes four, five and six—and it features a brand new cover by longtime Vampire Hunter D illustrator and renowned Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano.


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Coming together at an absolutely monstrous 536 pages, the collection is set to hit shelves on August 31, and Crunchyroll is delighted to deliver the exclusive cover reveal.




Here’s how Dark Horse describes the second omnibus:


A new omnibus collecting volumes four, five and six of the Vampire Hunter D horror novel series!


The hunt continues in the bizarre far future of 12,090 A.D, where the immortal vampire lords who were the only winners of mankind’s nuclear war still oppress the human survivors who have pushed the blood-drinking fiends back to the lawless Frontier. Yet humanity too remains as quick as ever to prey upon itself, and where the law can’t bring safety or justice, the crescent blade of D will—assuming you meet the half-vampire wanderer’s price!


A wondrous floating city, long a drifting sanctuary against marauding creatures, has its peace violently shattered by invasion…a village where humans and vampires live in harmony hangs upon the endless sleep of a beautiful dreamer, bitten decades past by the undead Nobility…a wizened crone named Granny Viper with a reputation for recovering abductees on the Frontier finds she’s chosen the wrong allies in rescuing a young girl. These are only the beginnings of the strange adventure stories into which steps Vampire Hunter D!


The Vampire Hunter D Omnibus Book Two collects volumes four, five, and six in author Hideyuki Kikuchi’s adventure horror series: Tale of the Dead Town, The Stuff of Dreams, and Pilgrimage of the Sacred and the Profane. Illustrated by Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano, the legend of D endures!




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