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What’s the scent of a delinquent? According to Fairytail Parfum, it’s citrus and lavender with undertones of amber and musk.


The scent maker, who have created perfume lines for titles ranging from Ranma 1/2 to Kamen Rider, rolled out their Cromartie High School collaboration this week. The centerpiece of the collab is the aforementioned perfume, which arrives in a collectible box and features a little Mechazawa on the bottle. It’s described as having “cool” first notes of bergamot and mandarin to evoke honor student Kamiyama, followed by mid-notes of grapefruit and lemon representing the free-spirited students of Cromartie, and final notes of musk to evoke Kamiyama “blending in” with his classmates.


Cromartie High School perfume


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There’s also a line of scented bath additives and hand gels, with unique scents for each classmate — mango for Freddy, forest scents for Gorilla, and grapefruit for Mechazawa, for example.


Cromartie High School scented bath additives

Cromartie High School scented hand gel


And there’s a diffuser, if you’d prefer to scent your home rather than your body:


Cromartie High School scent diffuser


If you don’t want scneted stuff, there’s still plenty to choose from. Art panels, acrylic stands, clocks, cushions, and mousepads let you display your favorite characters around the house:

Cromartie High School art panel

Cromartie High School acrylic stands

Cromartie High School clock

Cromartie High School cushion

Cromartie High School mousepad


And keyrings, clear files, and teacups let you bring them with you as you work:


Cromartie High School keyrings

Cromartie High School keyrings


Cromartie High School clear files

Cromartie High School clear files

Cromartie High School teacup


Orders for the goods are now open and can be purchased from online vendors including Dreaming-Princess and, as well as at Fairytail’s shop in Nakano Broadway, Tokyo.


© Eiji Nonaka / Kodansha


Source: Comic Natalie