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Woe betide the mortal realm, because a new key visual has been revealed for Chimimo, an upcoming original “heartful hell comedy” TV anime about a group of entirely too cute fiendish spirits invading and attempting to conquer the human world. The key visual below includes a tagline that translates to: “Now, foolish mortals, the advent of Hell is nigh!”



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The story of Chimimo follows Chimimo, an evil spirit and self-described “emissary of Hell” who is sent to the human world from the infernal realms in order to upset the balance on Earth and enact the “Human World Hell-ification Plan”. Together with his friend Jigoku-san, Chimimo moves into the Kishin family household and tries to live and get along with the three Kishin sisters – Mutsumi, Hazuki, and Mei – while concealing his true purpose. Unfortunately, Chimimo is a lazy freeloader…


A new key visual for the upcoming Chimimo TV anime featuring the hellish forces of Chimimo and his friend Jigoku-san preparing to invade the human word in adorable fashion.


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Chimimo is directed by Pinoaruto and features animation production by Shin-Ei Animation. The series will broadcast on TV Tokyo, BS Asahi, and other stations beginning in July of 2022.


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