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The Demon Girl Next Door (known in Japan as Machikado Mazoku) is back on Japanese airwaves for a second season, and to celebrate the official Twitter account for the series has published a commemorative visual for the first episode as illustrated by Qri Sakura, the author of the manga Pompoko Tanuki & Heppoko Prince.



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The Demon Girl Next Door is directed by Hiroaki Sakurai and features animation production by J.C. Staff. The second season is currently broadcasting in Japan, and it is also available via streaming on HIDIVE, who describe the story of the series as follows:


Yuko Yoshida is just an ordinary schoolgirl — until Lilith unleashes her dormant, devilish powers. Now Yuko must defeat Momo Chiyoda, the shrine maiden of the Light Clan who just so happens to go to her school!


Source: Ota-suke


Copyright notice: © Izumo Ito / Houbunsha


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