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A credit-free version of the opening animation sequence has been published for The Dawn of the Witch (known in Japan as Mahoutsukai Reimeiki), a currently broadcasting TV anime based on the fantasy light novel series written by Kakeru Kobashiri and illustrated by Yoshinori Shizuma and Takashi Iwasaki about an amnesiac young man at a magical academy who undertakes a “special training” regimen that will change his life forever.


The video (below) features the official opening theme song for the series, entitled “dawn of infinity”, which is performed by fripSide.



Crunchyroll describes the story of The Dawn of the Witch as follows:


I can’t remember. Who am I? What am I? Seville is a student at a magic academy who has no memories of anything from before he joined the school. Not understanding why he’s there, the time he spends at the academy feels hollow and empty. And since he doesn’t know how to work hard, his grades are always the lowest in his year. Then, one day, the school headmaster, Albus, orders Seville to participate in a dangerous special training. “I want you to spread the use of magic in an area where they hold witch hunts.” It has only been a few years since the war between the church and the witches came to an end—the world has not yet fully accepted witches and their magic. This is the dawn of the age of the witch. This is the story of how a young man, a boy who is no one special, and his companions, who all hold wounds in their hearts, set out and end up finding themselves.



The Dawn of the Witch TV anime is directed by Satoshi Kuwabara and features animation production by Tezuka Productions. The series is currently broadcasting in Japan on Tokyo Broadcasting System and BS11, and it is also available via streaming on Crunchyroll as part of the spring 2022 anime simulcast lineup.


Source: Ota-suke


Copyright notice: ©Kakeru Kobashiri,KODANSHA/”The Dawn of the Witch” Production Committee


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