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Content Warning: Mention of child pornography-related charges


Last December, Please tell me! Galko-chan manga creator Kenya Suzuki was arrested on the suspicion of violating the Customs Act by trying to import books containing images of naked children from Germany. Suzuki’s trial ended today in Japan with the Nagoya District Court’s Okazaki Branch finding Suzuki guilty, handing down a one-year and two-month prison term on a three-year suspended sentence.


A suspended sentence in Japan puts the convicted felon on probation and allows them to return to normal society. If any law is broken through the suspended sentence, the full prison term may be carried out.


The judge presiding over the case said the crime was “a malicious act that promotes the sexual exploitation of children and is detrimental to the health of society,” but was only given a suspended sentence due to be affected social ramifications stemming from the crime. One of those ramifications was the Please tell me! Galko-chan manga taken down by Comic Walker in Japan and its physical releases in Japanese and English going out of print.


Suzuki released a statement in Japanese and English on his Twitter account saying he has “consistently admitted [his] guilt since the initial police interrogation” and “admitted the facts charged by the prosecution.”


The manga creator explained that he had “purchased and possessed these books between 2020 and 2021 for my own personal interest” and not as reference materials for his own manga. He is apparently “deeply ashamed of my own lack of awareness and shallow behavior.” 


Read the full statement here:




40-year-old Kenya Suzuki is best known for the manga series Please tell me! Galko-chan. The manga inspired a TV anime adaptation in 2016. 


Sources: Sankei Shimbun, Kenya Suzuki on Twitter


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