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On the Kadokawa Stage today at AnimeJapan 2022, the Luminous Witches TV anime stage confirmed that the Shaft-produced series will be saving the skies (and hearts of many) when it premieres in July 2022. The third trailer for the Strike Witches spin-off was released alongside the news.



The story of Luminous Witches focuses on the LNAF Aviation Magic Band Luminous Witches, a group of witches that – rather than fighting the Νέυροι directly – instead protect people’s smiles and inspire their hearts and minds with music and song, of which one of those songs are previewed in the above trailer.


A teaser visual for the upcoming Luminous Witches TV anime featuring the main cast soaring above a city-scape at night in their idol uniforms.


Luminous Witches is directed by Shoji Saeki (Assault Lily Bouquet) with Kana Shundo (Assault Lily Bouquet ED3 director) as the assistant director at anime studio Shaft. After a delay, the series will premiere in July 2022.


Source: Luminous Witches on Twitter


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