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Just when we thought all the characters for the upcoming Love All Play badminton TV anime, based on Asami Koseki‘s sports-themed novel, had their voice actors announced, at the AnimeJapan 2022 stage for the series, Natsuki Hanae (who voices Ryo Mizushima in the series) revealed one more cast member – his cat Konpei.





Konpei, in their debut role, will be voicing the cat sweet named Ramune.


Love All Play is directed by Hiroshi Takeuchi (Blade & Soul) at Nippon Animation and OLM and is scheduled to begin on NTV/YTV TV networks in Japan on April 2 at 5:30 PM with Crunchyroll set to stream the series soon after. The station describes the series as such:


A passionate coming-of-age story about badminton!


Ryo Mizushima is offered admission to a prestigious badminton high school, Yokohama Minato High School.

There are teammates with rich personalities, such as twin doubles pair, a cool returnee, and a handsome ace who has feelings for Ryo’s sister.


Effort, friendship, and victory are interwoven between the teammates and rivals.


A passionate coming-of-age story in which the main characters, who were unknown in junior high school, grow up to become the top athletes of the world.


Source: LOVE ALL PLAY on Twitter


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