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Noriyasu Agematsu (SymphogearBanG Dream!) is teaming up with lyricist RUCCA and musical group Elements Garden to bring us Technoroid: the latest music-centric media mix project. Anime series Technoroid Overmind brings the project’s futuristic world to life, and a new PV gives us a closer look at what to expect.


The series takes place in a future world where, thanks to global flooding, only androids can get out to do much of the world’s work. This includes entertainment — and at the entertainment tower known as Babel, teams of android idols battle their way upward for fame and glory. And the hopes and dreams of humanity, of course. Technoroid Overmind focuses on KNoCC, a group of four androids looking to challenge Babel’s current champions, the three-member STAND-ALONE.


Check out the first PV:


A mobile game, Technoroid Unison Heart, is currently available in Japan on iOS and Android.


Technoroid Overmind will debut in July 2022.


Source: Comic Natalie