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The Spring 2022 anime season is just around the corner, and WIT Studio’s original comedy anime Onipan! is ready and raring to go with its newly released main trailer!



The trailer previews the opening theme song, “Onipapapan! Pan!”, by Onipanzu, a newly formed unit made up of the anime’s main characters, Tsutsuji (CV: Yume Nozaki), Himawari (CV: Mika Negishi) and Tsuyukusa (CV: Kokona Nonaka).


Additional cast members also highlighted include Kaori Maeda (Kuroitsu in Miss KUROITSU from the Monster Development Department) as Momo Momozono, Miyu Tomita (Riko in Made in Abyss) as Noriko Issun and Kikuko Inoue as Kuma (Lust in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood).

As previously reported, Onipan! is the story of three oni-kids who, through the power of the onipan (a portmanteau of “oni” and “pantsu”) become human to help fix the relationship between humans and oni. The three girls transfer into a normal Tokyo high school to aid in their task and help fix their image by revitalizing the town, sometimes jumping headfirst into school events, and other times … becoming idols!


Onipan! visual

Based on an original concept by Norihiro Naganuma (The Ancient Magus’ Bride director) and designs by Tomari (My Friend’s Little Sister Has It In for Me! light novel illustrator), Onipan! is being directed by Masahiko Ota (Himouto! Umaru-chan) and Jun’ichiro Hashiguchi (Fire Force episode director) at WIT Studio, with series composition by Takashi Aoshima (Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!) and adapted character designs by Ryouta Yanagi (Sword Art Online creature design).

Onipan! is set to begin airing on April 11. Sentai Filmworks announced they would be simulcasting the series and releasing it on home video.


Source: Comic Natalie



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