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Walküre, the five-girl tactical idol unit of Macross Delta, is having a big 2022. They’ve teamed up with the idols of Macross Frontier for crossover album DECULTURE!! MIXTURE!!!!!, and now they’re prepping for their latest live show. Taking the spotlight on their latest promotional art, though, is Yami_Q_ray: the dark spin on Walküre created for the second Delta movie.


Risa Ebata, the character designer for Macross Frontier and a regular artist for the franchise, drew the poppy new piece depicting Walküre’s wicked adversaries — who are voiced and sung by their good guy counterparts. 


Yami_Q_ray, illustrated by Risa Ebata


Ebata also drew a companion piece featuring Walküre themselves:


Walküre, drawn by Risa Ebata


And Macross Delta character and costume designer Chisato Mita did this poster of Yami_Q_ray in their standard attire:


Yami_Q_ray, drawn by Chisato Mita


Yami_Q_ray currently have three songs to their name: “Glow in the dark,” “Diva in Abyss,” and “Kirei na Hana niwa Doku ga Aru.” Hopefully this means fans can look forward to a Yami_Q_ray set during upcoming Walküre concert… though what that will look like is anyone’s guess.


SANKYO presents ~Walküre Reborn!~ Walküre Live 2022 will take place April 9-10 at Makuhari Messe. More information is available on the Macross portal site.


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