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Over a year later since it was revealed that an Isekai Meikyu de Harem o (A Harem in an Alternate World Dungeon) anime adaptation was in the works, the upcoming fantasy series opened its official Twitter account and website, revealing its main staff and cast, first visual and a Summer 2022 release window:


Isekai Meikyu de Harem o visual


The main cast members are as follows:


Taku Yashiro (Vulcan in Fire Force) as Michio Kaga

Taku Yashiro as Michio Kaga in Isekai Meikyu de Harem o


Shiori Mikami (Krista in Attack on Titan) as Roxanne

Shiori Mikami as Roxanne in Isekai Meikyu de Harem o


Based on the light novels by Shashi Sogano and Shikidouji, Isekai Meikyu de Harem o is being directed by Naoyuki Tatsuwa (Nisekoi) at studio Passione (Mieruko-chan), with series composition by Kurasumi Sunayama (86 EIGHTY-SIX scriptwriter) and character designs adapted for animation by Makoto Uno (High School DxD HERO).


The series follows Michio Kaga, who happens across a strange website while searching online for a way to commit suicide. After answering a bunch of questions connected to a points-based character creation system, Michio is suddenly transported into a brand-new world with the skills he chose.


Source: MoCa News



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