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The ending theme song performers have been revealed for INSECT LAND, an upcoming educational children’s TV anime about the daily lives of bugs. The ending theme song, entitled “Hane o Motsu Koibito” (“Sweetheart with Wings”), is performed by DREAMS COME TRUE.


Additionally, the ending animation will feature an “Insect Dance” choreographed by MIKIKO that children and their parents can enjoy, and Ayana Tsujita is charge of the music within INSECT LAND.



Based on the series of picture books written by Teruyuki Kagawa and illustrated by Thomas Romain, INSECT LAND is set in the tiny country of Insect Land, and it follows the cute daily lives of insects while teaching children about the ecology of various bugs.


A key visual for the upcoming Insect Land TV anime, featuring the main cast of anthropomorphized insect characters smiling and posing for the camera.


INSECT LAND is directed by Jun Kawagoe and features animation production by TMS Jinni’s. The series will broadcast on the NHK E TV Network beginning April 04, 2022.


Source: Comic Natalie


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