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Anime merch mail order site Premium Bandai has a knack for bringing us unique, useful anime goods. The most recent addition to their line is a must for Dragon Ball fans looking to stay warm and comfy: a cuddly rice cooker cushion, with a printed blanket inside showing Master Roshi trying to put King Piccolo away.


The Evil Containment Wave blanket is 115cm from corner to corner, and the huggable rice cooker is 28cm in diameter and about 33cm tall. Fold up the blanket and tuck it inside for easy storage.


Evil Containment Wave blanket in rice cooker cushion

Rice cooker cushion, closed

Evil Containment Wave blanket

Blanket and rice cooker, with humans for scale


The designers of the products note that, while the cushion is intended to hold the blanket, it’s roomy enough inside to house other things — such as “memories you want to forget” or “your dark past.” Alternately, you can wrap yourself up in the blanket and take a nap at your desk.


Suggested blanket and cushion use


The set is available for pre-order for 8,800 yen until May 9, and orders are due to ship out starting in September.


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Source: Comic Natalie