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It’s getting hot in here, because a new teaser trailer has been published for Chimimo, an upcoming “heartful hell comedy” original TV anime about a cute and cuddly group of evil spirits that have been sent from the infernal realms to take over the Earth.



The story of Chimimo follows Chimimo, an evil spirit and self-described “emissary of Hell” who is sent to the human world from the infernal realms in order to upset the balance on Earth and enact the “Human World Hell-ification Plan”. Together with his friend Jigoku-san, Chimimo moves into the Kishin family household and tries to live and get along with the three Kishin sisters – Mutsumi, Hazuki, and Mei – while concealing his true purpose. Unfortunately, Chimimo is a lazy freeloader…


A new key visual for the upcoming Chimimo TV anime featuring all twelve variations of Chimimo, a cuddly messengar from the infernal realm.


Chimimo is directed by Pinoaruto and features animation production by Shin-Ei Animation. The series will broadcast on TV Tokyo, BS Asahi, and other stations beginning in July of 2022.


Source: Comic Natalie


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