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Get ready for more Restaurant to Another World manga, starting right now! Following up on the earlier release of the debut chapter, Crunchyroll is announcing the arrival of chapters 2-10 of Restaurant to Another World NEW EDITION, all of which are live now on the service.


Now’s a great time to catch up, because Chapter 11 is set to launch later this month and new chapters will be added on a monthly basis. 


Restaurant to Another World NEW EDITION

Original Work: Junpei Inuzuka

Art: Yamizawa / Morozawa

Character Design: Katsumi Enami




There is a secret to Neko-ya, a very ordinary Western-style restaurant. It is that every Saturday, when the restaurant is closed, it is overflowing with “special customers”. The customers, who are all different from each other in terms of birth, upbringing, and even race, are looking for the most ordinary Western food. But for them, it’s a dish they’ve never seen or heard of before.


©2021 Junpei InuzukaKatsumi Enami/Shufunotomo Infos Co.,Ltd., ©Yamizawa 2021, ©Morozawa 2021




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