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“Rhapsody,” an original anime project by the Japanese music publishing company Rockin’on Group, unveiled its first trailer music video, key visual, and main voice cast members. The project was launched in December 2021 with the tagline: “Rock is a story of sorrow and hope.”


The project’s theme song “I Believe” is featured in the clip for the first time. The song sung by Sing 4 Rhapsody, a special unit formed by each band’s vocalist, is now available on major music streaming sites including Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music.





The story of the beliefs of the four bands that gather under the name of “Rhapsody” will unfold through songs, live performances, voice dramas, and animations. The four bands to be featured in the project are:



Pink Flag – “A four-member band with full of scars who rock their destiny”

  • Kazuma Mochino (vocal/guitar): Jun Suetsugu
  • Istuki Mikai (guitar/chorus): Junta Terashima
  • Taku Kitase (bass): Kohei Yanagi
  • Arata Kosegawa (drums): Takuya Masumoto


Haru no Jujika (The Cross in Spring) – “Explosive Sound that will surely kill: a high school loud rock band”

  • Nijiro Shisui (vocal): Tatsuya Sugawara
  • Touji Tsukishima (guitar): Souma Saito
  • Shion Kagami (bass): Hiromu Mineta
  • Kousei Tayou (drums): Shuichiro Umeda


Bluebird – “A childhood friend folk unit who goes over the rainbow”

  • Rakki Kokonoe (vocal/guitar): Reon Tanie
  • Souten Natsume (guitar/vocal): Haruki Asada
  • Nazuna Chikarashi (keyboad): Katsuyuki Miura


SOR (System Of Romance) – “A sibling EDM unit spinning dreams in digital form”

  • Kinji Abiko (vocal): Yuri Yamamoto
  • Ginji Abiko (DJ/composer): Taiki Kawamoto



Yuki Kodama, known for his manga adaptation works of Hamatora and ID:INVADED, serves as original character designer, while Momoko Kawai (Sabikui Bisco main animator) designs the anime characters.







Source: “Rhapsody” anime project official website / Twitter


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