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Atlus Japan has released a brand new trailer for Soul Hackers 2 and introduced some more of the game’s narrative elements. Whenever the Great One appears, new Covenants are formed, which look like some sort of essence within a person’s body. Covenants also seem to have a big role in the game, as if someone were to possess all of them, they could bring about the end of the world.


The trailer also introduces three new characters: Ichiro Onda, Iron Mask, and Zenon. Ichiro is a computer engineer who has completed his research on the “Vanishing System.” He holds the Red Covenant, but is killed by Zenon, an artificial demon called a “Zoma.”


Following Iron Mask’s orders, Zenon then consumes the Red Covenant. Iron Mask is an enigma himself, as he always wears a mask to conceal his identity. As a member of the Phantom Society, there are only a few people within the organization who have seen his true face.



Soul Hackers 2 launches on August 25 in Japan and August 26 internationally for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.


Source: Gematsu



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