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Along with all of her past music videos, the official YouTube channel for voice actress Ayana Taketatsu (Azusa Nakano in K-ON!, Kirino Kosaka in Oreimo) was relaunched on March 11.


While working as one of popular anime voice actresses, she made her solo singer debut in April 2011 and will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the activities this april. This channel will be used to further promote her musical activities, and she shows a willingness to deliver a live-streaming program as a YouTuber.


“Hello everyone! I’m Ayana Taketatsu. I am pleased to announce that my YouTube channel has been relaunched. From now on, this channel will focus on my musical activities, so I would appreciate your support! As it is being relaunched, I would like to do many things in the future. I can I do a live-streaming program, can’t I? So I would like to deliver a variety of things to you. I can do things like a YouTuber… My YouTuber debut!? I don’t know what I can do now, but please look forward to it!”







1st single “Sinfonia! Sinfonia!!!” MV (April 11, 2012 release):



11th single “Innocent Notes” MV (February 6, 2019 release):



Artist photo: 



Source: Ayana Taketatsu official YouTube channel