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Composer Noriyasu Agematsu has brought SymphogearBanG Dream!, and more musically-charged projects to anime fans over the years. Recently, he announced the futuristic Technoroid media mix project: a collaboration with RUCCA, CyberAgent, Avex Pictures, and Agematsu’s own music group Elements Garden. As of today, its promised anime iteration is on course for this summer.


Titled Technoroid Overmind, the series will bring viewers into the world of the project — which, in the future, is largely underwater. Androids and robots now do the work that humans can’t, which includes keeping said humans entertained.Our stars are four ownerless androids, fighting their way to the top of an entertainment tower known as Babel to challenge its reigning champions.


A new teaser visual shows both groups: KNoCC, the core four we’ll be following, and STAND-ALONE, the trio currently at the top of Babel:


Technoroid Overmind


The media mix project has several other activities leading up to the premiere. A “Technoroid Fair” will be taking place April 1-24 at CYBER ANIME STORE and select Animate locations. Buying at least 1,100 yen worth of Technoroid goods will net you a special gift of either a postcard or a bromide.


Plus, mobile game Technoroid Unison Heart will release six mini audio dramas over the next six months: one for each of the idol units seen in the game. Dramas for KNoCC and STAND-ALONE will be out May 25, followed by Mechanica Metallica and Frankie♡Knot on July 27 and D.M.A. and Karakuri Shinshi on September 28.


Technoroid Overmind will premiere on TV Tokyo in July 2022.


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