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Transferring your skills to another job is one thing, but being able to transfer them to another world when you get reincarnated as a 10-year-old is in a league of its own! This is the premise of Isekai Yakkyoku (Another World Pharmacy), an upcoming TV anime adaptation of Liz Takayama‘s fantasy medical light novel series which revealed its first trailer today alongside who will be voicing the main character Pharma de Medicus.



Voicing Pharma de Medicus, the main character of the series who is a reincarnation of Kanji Yakutani, will be Aki Toyosaki, who is best known for her role as Yui Hirasawa in K-On! 


Isekai Yakkyoku 


Keizo Kusakawa (KanColle the Movie) will be directing Isekai Yakkyoku at anime studio Diomedia alongside Wataru Watari (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU creator) writing the series composition, and Matsumoto Mayuko (KanColle) designing the characters for animation.


Isekai Yakkyoku follows Kanji Yakutani, whose younger sister died from an incurable disease, so he devotes his life to finding a cure for it. Instead, he dies from overwork at 31 and gets reincarnated as a 10-year-old boy in another world that has a healthcare system that only favors the rich. Yakutani, now known as Pharma, spends his time using his knowledge of modern medicine to bring healthcare to all. The series is scheduled to start sometime in 2022.


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