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“Wonderism: Kimi wo Yobu Koe (The Voice That Calls You),” a new anime music video project by Toho’s animation label TOHO animation, has released a main visual featuring its protagonist girl Natsushima standing in front of Goshikizuka Kofun in Kobe City, Hyogo, a huge ancient tomb built around the end of the fourth century to the beginning of the fifth century. The tagline is “Guided by a mysterious stone, the secrets of the world are set in motion.”







The story of the project is set in a world where civilization was once lost. The protagonist Natsushima, who lives on a huge floating island made by connecting ships, discovers a mysterious stone that fell from the sky. The stone, which she has never seen before in her life on the ship, leads her out to sea to discover the secrets of the world.


Based on the original idea and concept design created by Shino (Digimon Ghost Game digimon designer), Glens Sou works on anime production. He is known for his anime music video works for Aoya Natsuki’s (Hatsune Miku) “Hakushi”, Zutto Mayonaka de Iinoni’s “Neko Reset”, and Eve’s “Aisai”.





The four-member Japanese piano rock band Howl Be Quiet (The Dungeon of Black Company OP theme) is in charge of the music. The anime music video is scheduled to be posted on the web before the end of this month.





Source: “Wonderism” project official website / Twitter 


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