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The Bushiroad TCG Strategy Presentation stream went live this week, taking the opportunity to reveal some details about the next season of the CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD anime. The card-battling action is officially set to continue with CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD Will+Dress, which starts its broadcast this July.



Some new characters were introduced in the image at the top of the article and below—featuring character designs by CLAMP—including Raika Koshiba, Michiru Hazama and Urara Haneyama. 



More of the 16 players chosen to compete in the national tournament will be revealed later. 



You can check out the full live stream below: 



The CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD anime is currently available to stream on Crunchyroll. Here’s the synopsis for the most recent season, CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD overDress:


Third-year middle school student Yu-yu Kondo lives in Kanazawa city of the country of Kaga.

Being unable to reject requests, Yu-yu often gets caught up in his sister’s hobbies.


When Yu-yu could no longer bear it and ran away from home, he was saved by Megumi Okura. Megumi invites Yu-yu to the Night Amusement Park “Wonder Hill” where her friends gather.


The amusement park is where many youths of the Vanguard-centric group “Team Blackout” gather.


And this is how Yu-yu encounters Vanguard and was drawn in by the appeal of Vanguard and the world and friends he had never seen before.


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