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Back in January, Sanrio kicked off a collaboration with the recent two-part Sailor Moon Eternal film event, pairing off the Inner Guardians and Chibi Moon with Hello Kitty, My Melody, and more from the company’s list of cute mascot stars. The next collab is kicking off this month, bringing in the Outer Guardians as well.


Check them out with their new Sanrio friends:


Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and LittleTwinStars

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are teamed up with the LittleTwinStars, Kiki and Lala. The “Guardian of Sky and Flight” teams up with Kiki, who flies himself and his sister around on a giant star. And Michiru and Lala share a gracefulness and a love of art.


Sailor Pluto and Pochacco / Sailor Saturn and My Sweet Piano

Sailor Pluto teams up with Pochacco — with the given reason being that Pochacco really loves Sailor Pluto. (Which, you know, same.)  And since Chibi Moon and My Melody were matched up in the first collab, it’s only right that their best friends — Sailor Saturn and My Sweet Piano — also pair off.


Look forward to cute Sanrio collectibles coming soon. And, of course, lots more anniversary merch from other stores as the year goes on.


Source: Sailor Moon 30th Anniversary Twitter Account





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