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Tatsuhisa Suzuki and his band mate in OLDCODEX


The agency for voice actor and singer Tatsuhisa Suzuki announced yesterday that the OLDCODEX frontman will be returning to full activities after leaving the public eye in August last year when a report was released by Bunshun Online claimed Suzuki was cheating on his wife, anime superstar LiSASuzuki and I’m Enterprise had claimed the hiatus was due to “physical and mental fatigue.”


I’m Enterprise once again apologized “for the considerable anxiety and inconvenience that we have caused to those affected and the fans” that “have always supported us through the news reports and his poor health last year.” The agency also confirmed that they’ll be standing behind him 100% “so that he can continue to move forward with integrity as a person and as an actor.”


Tatsuhisa Suzuki went on a break from public activities due to “physical and mental fatigue” after Bunshun Online alleged that the voice actor and singer cheated on his wife, Japanese superstar LiSA, with a female fan in her 20s who worked at a recording studio, posting photos of Suzuki and the fan coming out of a hotel together. Suzuki responded to the claims later in the month saying that he would like to “sincerely apologize to everyone for the trouble caused by my irresponsible and inappropriate behavior.” Because of this, it was announced that Suzuki will not be reprising his roles in many anime, including Draken in Tokyo Revengers, and Anos Voldigoad in The Misfit of Demon King Academy.


Tatsuhisa Suzuki

I’m Enterprise’s profile image for Tatsuhisa Suzuki


On the other hand, Suzuki’s band OLDCODEX will be disbanding after the release of the second Free!–the Final Stroke anime film, with the band’s final song being the theme to the Kyoto Animation-produced final film to the long-running franchise. Suzuki voices Makoto Tachibana in the series, marking one of the roles he didn’t step down from during the scandal.


Source: Oricon


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