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It’s time to scout the fantasy housing market, because a new preview video and the Japanese broadcast schedule have been revealed for RPG Real Estate (known in Japan as RPG Fudousan), an upcoming TV anime based on the humorous 4-panel comic by Chiyo Kenmotsu about a party of adventurers who try to make their clients’ house-hunting adventures magical.


The preview video (below) features the opening theme song for the series, entitled “Make Up Life!”, which is performed in character by Kotone Kazairo (CV: Honoka Inoue), Rufuria (CV: Natsumi Kawaida), Fa (CV: Hina Kino), and Rakira (CV: Manaka Iwami).



The original RPG Real Estate manga is serialized in Houbunsha’s Manga Time Kirara Carat seinen manga magazine. The story follows Kotone Kazairo, a magic-user, who takes a job at a fantasy real estate agency and tries to find unusual customers new homes with the help of her fellow employees, Fa, Rufuria, and Rakira.


A new key visual for the upcoming RPG Real Estate TV anime depicting the main cast gathered in their meeting room and about to enjoy a freshly baked fruit tart. Rufuria answers an old-fashioned telephone, Rakira carries the tart on a tray while wearing a pair of oven mitts, Fa waves at the audience, and carries a clipboard and prepares to welcome prospective clients.


The RPG Real Estate TV anime is directed by Tomoaki Koshida and features animation production by Doga Kobo. The series will broadcast in Japan according to the following TV schedule.


  • AT-X: every Wednesday during the 21:30 time slot beginning on April 06, 2022.
  • TOKYO MX: every Wednesday during the 23:00 time slot beginning on April 06, 2022.
  • TV AIchi: every Friday during the 27:05 time slot beginning on April 08, 2022.
  • Kyoto Broadcasting System: every Thursday during the 25:00 time slot beginning on April 07, 2022.
  • Sun TV: every Wednesday during the 24:00 time slot beginning on April 06, 2022.
  • BS NTV: every Thursday during the 24:30 time slot beginning on April 07, 2022.


Please note that some Japanese TV schedules count early-morning programming as late-night programming for the previous day, so for example the 27:05 time slot on Friday evening is actually on Saturday morning at 3:05am JST.


Source: Comic Natalie


Copyright notice: © Chiyo Kenmotsu・Houbunsha / “RPG Real Estate” Production Committee


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