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New key visuals and other additional information have been revealed for both Kitaro Tanjou – GeGeGe no Nazo (“The Birth of Kitaro – The Mystery of GeGeGe”) and Akuma-kun, an upcoming anime film and an upcoming anime series that celebrate the 100th birthday of their creator, legendary manga author Shigeru Mizuki.


A new key visual for the upcoming Kitaro Tanjou - GeGeGe no Nazo theatrical anime film featuring Kitaro's father imprisoned in an old-fashioned Japanese jail cell while smoking cigarettes and chatting back-to-back with a human man on the other side of the wooden bars.


The new key visual for Kitaro Tanjou – GeGeGe no Nazo (above) depicts Kitaro’s father before he was reduced to being just a disembodied eyeball. In the visual, Kitaro’s father appears to be imprisoned. He smokes with his back to the wooden bars while chatting with a human man. The tagline translates to “So, here’s a man of the Ghost Tribes…”


Kitaro Tanjou – GeGeGe no Nazo is directed by Go Koga and features production by Toei Animation. The film will be released in theaters in Japan during the fall season of 2023.


A key visual for the upcoming Akuma-kun anime series featuring Ichiro Umoregi, the 2nd generation Akuma-kun, as well as Mephisto III.


In addition to the new key visual (above), it has been revealed that voice actor Yuki Kaji will play the role of Ichirou Umoregi, the 2nd generation Akuma-kun, in the upcoming Akuma-kun anime series. Additionally, Akuma-kun will stream on Netflix in 2023. Akuma-kun is directed by Junichi Sato and features animation production by Encourage Films.


Both the Kitaro Tanjou – GeGeGe no Nazo theatrical anime film and the Akuma-kun anime series are parts of a larger, four-part project celebrating the 100th anniversary of manga author Shigeru Mizuki’s birth. The other two parts include a yokai-themed art exhibition devoted to Mizuki’s life and career and a campaign celebrating the charms of all 6 TV anime adaptations of GeGeGe no Kitaro produced by Toei Animation.


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