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Chiba prefecture’s Togane city is in the spotlight thanks to the regional anime Togane! Omatsuri-Bu, which is officially set to premiere as part of Chiba TV channel’s Next TV Chiba-Dokoro pogram starting on April 4. 


Nobuhiro Suzumura—who previously worked as director for tokusatsu projects like the live-action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon series, as well as Kamen Rider and Super Sentai shows—is at the helm for this one, with Takatora Shioaji supervising scripts.


Featuring limited animation and real photographs of Togane city as backgrounds, Togane! Omatsuri-Bu centers on Minori Tochino and her friends, who aim to revive the festivals that once played a major role in their city’s cultural landscape. Cast members include Haruka Kudo as Minori Tochino, Mai Okamoto as Yurika Kagekatsu, Hinaki Kudo as Subaru Kamiyo, Yume Shinohara as Rian Nabana, Himari Hazuki as Iona Okada and Tomokazu Seki as local mascot Yassa-kun.


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